Williams College - Art Facilities Condition Assessment
Williamstown, MA

Academic   Planning

Oudens Ello Architecture was hired by Williams College to complete a Facilities Condition Assessment of four existing arts-related facilities, including Spencer Studio Art, a 41,000 SF classroom and studio building, and Lawrence Hall, a 44,000 SF which currently houses the Williams College Museum of Art and parts of which date back to 1844. The total scope of the 5-month study was 100,000 gross square feet of space and included the review of available existing building documentation (plans, maintenance records, utility bills, prior testing and renovations, etc.) as well as full building assessment and recommendations for repairs and remediation. Specific focus areas of the study included evaluating the energy efficiency and remaining life span of existing building systems, evaluating exterior enclosure, including roofing, wall assembly and glazing systems and evaluating spaces in an effort to maximize utilisation.

Completed 2014