Watertown Public Schools Facilities Condition Assessment
Watertown, MA


In early 2014, Oudens Ello Architecture was commissioned by Watertown Public Schools to perform a high-level, qualitative study of the educational and operational adequacy of the existing school facilities in Watertown, Massachusetts, an inner-ring suburb of Boston. Watertown’s school system suffers considerably from the old age and limited capacity of its facilities. Without some level of transformation, the town will soon face significant challenges accommodating a growing population and maintaining best practices for school buildings in the public education environment.

OEA’s facilities condition assessment encompasses three elementary schools, an administrative building, Watertown Middle School and Watertown High School, totaling over 500,000 gross square feet of space. The study includes phased future growth scenarios and a benchmarking analysis, comparing the age and quality of Watertown’s facilities with neighboring towns. The six-week evaluation was carried out by OEA and its consultant team of engineering, building envelope and code/life safety experts, and included on-site walk-throughs and interviews with the superintendent and assistant superintendent of schools, school principals, key staff and facilities personnel.

Completed 2014

2014_0402_WPS_OEA_Report-singlepages 21.jpg