Peabody Terrace Condominiums
Brookline, MA


Peabody Terrace Condominiums, a 1960s-era high rise apartment building in Brookline, MA, is undergoing selected upgrades. Several key building systems have surpassed their original design lifespans, and are now in need of replacement.

A key feature and amenity of the original building is the 66 identical concrete balconies and one unique penthouse balcony. The original glass-infill guardrails enable occupants inside the units and on the balconies to enjoy unrestricted views, even when seated inside their living rooms. These guardrails are, however, now failing, and do not conform to current building codes.

Design and technical challenges for the project include the accommodation of the slanted concrete wing walls, limiting the size of steel members while still meeting code impact requirements, and devising a fastening system of the new guardrail posts to the concrete floor slab. OEA’s design incorporates these and other factors, producing a code-conforming steel and glass guardrail in keeping with the character of the building.

With the completion of the refurbishment, residents will be able to enjoy their balconies in safety while continuing to have minimally restricted views. 

Construction Documents Completed 2013