Norwell Public Library
Norwell, MA


Adults Exterior.jpg

Estimated Completion 2020
21,000 square feet

Drawing inspiration from the natural qualities of the wooded site, the proposed 21,000 sq ft library will function as a new and vibrant community center for residents of Norwell. The current design maintains a single-story layout, comprised of three distinct wings organized around a central rain garden. Recognizing that the library is located within a sensitive wetland ecosystem, the building is strategic in its placement and response to the site. As part of its sustainability effort, the central rain garden will act as a filtering depository for rain fall before it is redistributed back to the surrounding wetlands. More broadly speaking, the central rain garden establishes an experimental narrative for library visitors, delaying the most expansive views of the site until one progresses through the lobby into the main reading and meeting rooms. With ample light and thoughtful connections to the outdoors, the new Norwell Public Library aims to be a pleasant and productive space for visitors of all ages. The library is slated to open during the summer of 2020.

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