Scituate Town Library

Scituate, MA

Completed 2017


In August 2014, Oudens Ello was hired by the Town of Scituate, MA to design the renovation and expansion of the 1978 Scituate Town Library. Given a MBLC-mandated construction start by early summer 2015, OEA’s primary challenge has been to quickly build community consensus around a new design for the $9.5-million, two-story, 32,000 square-foot facility.

The new design, with strong community support, fully transforms the existing building and activates a currently underutilized lower level with new and expanded public programs. The design process is ongoing with production of construction documents underway. The technically challenging renovation-expansion project includes a new automatic sprinkler system and the full overhaul of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems within a rigid, inflexible building made up of a variety of construction systems including precast planks, masonry walls, overstressed steel beams and columns and undersized concrete footings. Reinforcement of existing structure will accommodate the loads of books stacks throughout the building, allowing for more flexible long-term use of its spaces. Planned modifications to the exterior envelope will enhance energy efficiency and lower maintenance, while also serving to bring in additional daylight to the currently dark and “landlocked” interior spaces of the library.